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The first thing to think about when ordering tables for your restaurant is the look and feel you want for the restaurant. For example, it would make no sense to buy high end wood tables that are beautiful to look at if they are to be covered by a tablecloth. A fast food restaurant needs tables that are extremely durable due to the wear and tear they will endure as high numbers of customers use them, this probably means a laminate table top.

The second thing to think about is what type of wear and tear will the tables suffer. If you are creating or managing a fast food restaurant with extremely high turnover a long-lasting laminate surface which will stand up well under use is the most logical solution. Should you be the owner of a high end eating establishment like a seafood or steak restaurant a solid wood table gives you a much nicer look but is NOT as durable and long lasting as laminate. As you would imagine a laminate table top is much cheaper than a solid wood table. Table choices can also reflect design choices, for example wood tables can give you a more rustic feel where the wide variety of laminates can create a very modern look. Mega sells both wood and laminate tables.


Our hardwood table tops are made using red oak, hard maple, mahogany, cherry and hickory wood. As wood is a natural product there will always be a certain amount of variation in grain and color.
All of our tables are finished using a Krystal varnish, this is anew generation of post-catalyzed varnish finishing system that offers the ultimate in durability. It is also water white and non yellowing. Krystal’s formula was specifically designed for interior wood surfaces that are exposed to extreme moisture, heat or household chemicals.

All of our tables come with a one-year warranty. Please keep in mind that these are wood tables and as such under normal wear and tear will stand up well but are vulnerable to sharp edges, surface gouges and contact marks. Of course the nature of using wood enables you to have the table tops sanded and refinished.

The tables are designed so that no board exceeds five inches wide in any table top. In addition the grain direction of the wood is alternated when putting the boards together. The boards are extremely flat with no more than 1/16th of an inch rise in 18 inches of board length. There should ne no knots within 2 inches of any edge and any top side knots must be sound and have no missing wood.
Each table is priced with a square edge but half bullnose, beveled and ogee edges are available for a small fee per table.

Standard sizes are currently listed on the Mega website but custom sizes are available upon request. Orders can usually be shipped within 3-5 weeks after receipt of the order.


Wood Table Tops are made from a natural and living material. As such they are subject to shrinkage, warping, and seasonal cracks because of the moisture within the wood reacting to changes in temperature or humidity. Should changes in the wood occur, this is not representative of defects in the products or their manufacture and are beyond our control. Such occurrences will not affect the lasting durability of the table. Cracks can be filled with a cellulose filler of the right color and if matched correctly should be almost invisible.

Proper care and installation of the Table Tops is the best prevention for any problems. We recommend using solid wood table tops only indoors with a room temperature of 68°–72° F and a relative humidity between 40% and 50%. Any sudden changes in temperature or humidity can affect the Table Tops, so set and change thermostat settings gradually as the seasons change. In Florida ceiling fans are a great way to move air consistently around the room where the tables are placed. Excessive heat, cold, dryness, or humidity are often the causes of any cracking or splitting in the wood. Carefully consider the placement of your tables. Avoid direct sunlight, heat sources, and bright lighting.

Everyday care of Wood Table Tops requires attention. To clean the Table Tops, use a soft cloth dampened with mild detergent and water. Wipe dry with a second clean, soft cloth. Never use polish or cleaners that contain alcohol, silicone, ammonia, degreasers, or abrasives. To prevent warping, do not use vinyl tablecloths and/or glass tops on your tables. Avoid placing extremely hot (above 190° F) plates directly on the Wood Table Tops; high temperatures can cause staining or cracking or rings to appear on the wood surface. Wipe up any spilt water as soon as possible. Be careful using china, glasses or centerpieces with unglazed or rough bottoms, these may cause the surface of the wood to be scratched.

Mega Seating and Design supplies a one-year guarantee against defects in workmanship and material. This warranty does not apply to damages that may result from neglect, accidental or intentional damage, exposure to extremes in temperature and humidity, and alteration or abuse of the product. See Mega Seating and Design Terms and Conditions for additional information.


All of our restaurant table tops, restaurant tables, and restaurant table bases are manufactured in Clearwater, Florida. The majority of our customers are restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, churches, and bowling alleys that are located in Tampa, Florida or Orlando, Florida. We also have many customers in Clearwater Beach, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Dunedin, Bradenton, Lakeland, Spring Hill, Kissimmee, Fort Myers, Naples, and Miami.

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