Worn, damaged, or torn seating? We can design and manufacture an exact copy of your existing product. Many times we can also recover and repair your existing seating to it’s former glory.

Recover & Repair Irreplaceable Pieces

Our craftsmen have over a century of combined experience building furniture. We can repair, reupholster, or recover anything!

Affordable Pricing

All our products are priced very competitively. Reach out and we can give you a price quote for your project.

100+ Years Experience

Our craftsmen have over a century of combined experience building furniture.

Maintain Your Unique Look & Feel

We know that repairs are an ‘expense’ but people talk about how a place is a little ‘run down’. Call us and we can drop by and develop a plan to repair / replace / reupholster the pieces you need fixed up.

Match Existing Seating & Furniture

If you have seating that you and your customers love, we can match the backs, seats, or entire pieces perfectly!

Talented Designers

Unique and creative product designs, restaurant booth layouts, and seating plans.



Maintaining an updated look & feel to your restaurant can seem costly, time-consuming, & quite stressful. Poorly made materials will wear out much quicker than you hoped for & the process of replacing furniture can cause a disruption to your everyday business. At Mega Seating & Design, we take the stress out of booth repairs & furniture reupholstery. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have perfected the process of replacing hospitality furniture in order to provide our customers the highest quality repairs & upholsteries at the most cost-effective price.

Vinyl Booth Repair

Once booth seating & back upholstery begins to fade or tear, it can quickly turn into an uninviting seat for your customers. Worn out/torn upholstery is easily noticed & can be extremely uncomfortable. Any cracks or tears, especially in vinyl upholstery, can be rough to sit on for anyone wearing dresses or shorts. Younger children will also begin to pick at the loose fabric, accelerating the damaging effects. You’ll want to look into repairing your restaurant booth sooner rather than later to avoid any detrimental impacts to your furniture or company reputation.

Restaurant Booth Repair

Mega offers restaurant & hospitality booth repair services to the Tampa & Orlando, Florida areas. Being a leader in restaurant furniture manufacturing, we can repair or completely replace seats, seat covers, upholstered backs, & entire booth pieces in a timely fashion. We make sure to handle all booth repairs during the most convenient time for our customers & their business. In order to make the process as seamless as possible, we will be available throughout early mornings, evenings, & weekends to ensure a timely repair & no disruption of peak business hours.

Once you notice any rips, tears, or damaged areas on your restaurant booth(s), consult with one of the professional craftsmen at Mega Seating & Design. On many occasions, your booth can be improved with a simple repair that ends up saving you from having to replace entire furniture sets at a costly price.

Furniture Reupholstery

Mega Seating & Design provides booth upholstery & furniture reupholstery services for the Tampa & Orlando, Florida areas. In addition to hospitality booths, we can manufacture custom made & upholstered pieces suitable for all of your commercial furniture needs including chairs, stools, couches, benches, & tables.

As an industry leader in furniture design, we are able to create finishes that match existing upholstered furniture, including all booth & banquette styles. We have a wide selection of upholstery finishes to choose from in order to match any establishment’s theme. With endless fabric pattern designs & color combinations, we are able to exceed your design expectations & upholster the perfect booth for your business.

Upholstery Fabrics

Vinyl is one of the most commonly used upholstery materials. Vinyl is an economical option that provides long-lasting durability and ease of cleanup. MEGA Seating and Design has partnered with many vinyl manufacturers to bring you the latest in vinyl offerings. Many of our vinyl selections have been treated or finished with an antibacterial protection and / or an easy-clean finish.

In addition to vinyl, we offer upholstered finishes in many fabrics like leather, polyurethane and suede to name a few. Our design center can help you determine the most cost-effective way to dress your standard or custom commercial booths.

Contract Sewing

Mega Seating & Design was built off the foundation & principles of commercial sewing. Our founder was a successful seamstress several years before Mega began manufacturing upholstered furniture. Now our professional seamstresses have over 100 years of combined experienced in the commercial sewing industry!

Our contract sewing services can be applied to apparel, pool covers, sauna beds, pillow covers, cushions, & additional products for other related industries. Whether you need a few sewn pieces or a few thousand, our knowledge & expertise allows us to handle contract sewing projects of any shape & size. We can also use a variety of materials including cloth, canvas, nylon, leather, & vinyl.

Mega has the ability to recover & repair just about any piece. If the piece is incapable of being repaired, we can create an identical duplicate of the original! For all commercial & industrial sewing services, please contact Mega Seating & Design to get a quote on our competitive commercial & industrial sewing prices.

Upholstery Services in Tampa & Orlando, Florida

Mega Seating & Design offers restaurant booth repairs & reupholstery services to Tampa & Orlando, Florida. Our innovative craftsmen are readily available to answer any questions you may have about the current condition of your booth, booth repairs, booth replacement, & the different furniture upholstery customizations available. Give us a call at (727) 532-0500 or email us at any time at [email protected]



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