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Our office, located in Clearwater, Florida, is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM-5:00PM EST. Should you require assistance outside of these hours, please Contact Us at least 24-hours in advance to arrange for an alternate meeting time.

MEGA Seating and Design products are intended for use in commercial applications, which, in most cases, lends itself to a high rate of traffic and use. Therefore, our products are subject to normal wear and tear and may even be subject to intentional or unintentional abuse, all of which could cause a product to fail and result in property damage. As a result, it is very important to conduct regular care and maintenance checks at the point of use to minimize risk and ensure a safe operating environment for the general public. For additional help in how to properly care for your MEGA products, please visit our customer Resources.

Yes! We offer Design Consultations to all of our clients. Whether you’re looking for assistance with updating your current aesthetics or creating a completely new and custom look, we can help. Simply Contact Us to arrange for your consultation.

It is your responsibility to inspect your products on delivery. If you cannot be present, please arrange for someone to accept, inspect and sign for the delivery in your place. Canceled, refused or missed deliveries will be subject to a redelivery fee equal to the original delivery fee.

Yes, we will happily remove your old booths and install your new booths. Although it may be an additional charge to haul away old seating.

For our custom work, we charge a 50% deposit due on order placement, we collect the remaining 50% before final delivery.

Currently we are at about a 4-6 week manufacturing time. So plan accordingly and reach out today. It’s never too soon to get the process started.

Yes! Contact one of our designers to help you create your restaurant layout today!

Yes we are able to deliver your new restaurant booths as long as you are within the state of Florida and inside our delivery radius.

We make every possible effort to prevent damage during transportation and installation. It is important that you or your authorized agent immediately upon delivery carefully and thoroughly inspect each item. If you discover damage or defect, notify the delivery personnel immediately. If they can correct the problem onsite, they will do so. If not, the item will be returned to MEGA. At our discretion, the item(s) will be repaired or replaced, and then delivered to you. Please do not return any companion pieces that meet quality standards.

The traditional height for booths is 36 inches from the floor to the top of the booth at the back. Americans are getting taller and heavier with each passing generation, the most common booth height Mega Seating takes orders for now are 42 inches high and even 48 inches high is becoming more common! The higher the booth back the more ‘private’ the booth feels.

Plan on about 24 inches per sitting person, a two-seat booth would then be 48 inches wide, a three-seater between 66 and 72 inches.

The answer to this question is a decision between ‘look and feel’ and functionality. Vinyl wears better and is easier to clean, a fabric ‘back’ design on the booth can add a lot of character and style. Most often our restaurant customers opt for an all vinyl booth, this provides maximum durability. The back of the booth can be channeled or tufted to provide a more attractive look in either vinyl or fabric. We never recommend fabric for a booth seat because it’s a high traffic area. For certain types of restaurant – like pizza / wing restaurants – all vinyl booths are best because they are more resistant to stains.

Our design center in Clearwater, Florida has hundreds of vinyls and fabrics you can select form to get the right atmosphere for your restaurant.

Another decision based on personal preference. There is no question that legs provide a more furniture look than the traditional black ABS booth base but legs require the restaurant cleaners to wipe, sweep, and clean under the booth where dust and dirt will accumulate. With the ABS base there is no need for that, it fits tight to the floor.

A banquette can provide a very flexible seating arrangement to accommodate a wide range of customers. Tables can be moved apart or together to have groups of two up to larger groups of ten to twelve sit as one depending on the length of the banquette.

The accepted standard is six feet (72 inches) from the center of one booth to the center of the next booth. This allows for a thirty inch table and room for people to enter and exit the booth.

Personal preference plays a role here, as a booth manufacturer we think all of your customers would prefer to sit in a booth, it’s more private, a little quieter, and encourages discussion across shared meals! There are some people who prefer tables and chairs over booth so the smart restaurant owner has both! Both options are available for purchase here at Mega Seating and Design.

There are two basic table types, wood and laminate. Wood tables provide a traditional look and feel. Mega Seating can provide a different type of solid wood, wood grain, and a variety of stain colors to make the tables complementary to your booth style and color selection. Laminate tables can be made from a huge variety of colors and textures, the shape and edges of the table can also be changed to create unique pieces to match your booths.

You would think that this could be a cost savings solution to a problem of you existing booths looking ‘run down’ but in fact this approach might prove more expensive! Recovering existing booths is a lengthy process. Mega Seating and Design would need to pick up the booths to be recovered a the work has to be done at the manufacturing facility. Typically this process takes a few days so you would be without your booths for a little while. 

To recover the booths, the Mega Seating and Design team has to strip all the existing material off the booths, repair any damaged foam, wood or spring pieces, then recover the booth surfaces with the new material or fabric you have selected. As you can see from the explanation basically twice the labor work would have to be done, more than it takes in building a new booth! This is not a cost savings to you as the labor is basically twice as much. By the time the stripping and recovering is done, the customer might as well order new booths! We always advise in buying new booths because the cost is roughly the same and we are able to guarantee the quality of your brand new booths!

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maria leal
maria leal
07:03 03 Dec 20
Excellent costumer services . They really know what they are doing. Very helpful when comes to ideas and personalized. I will keep using them every time I will Have a need . Thank youread more
Jonathan Sheets
Jonathan Sheets
16:17 18 Nov 19
OUTSTANDING company. They were extremely helpful and had incredible service. We were able to customize our cushion completely, and the end product was sooo good. Would 100% recommend working with more
Debra Kagan Murray
Debra Kagan Murray
00:51 29 Oct 19
THIS IS THE VERY BEST LOCAL PLACE FOE ALL YOUR NEEDS FOR SEATING ! Great service fast and friendly and very reasonable !read more
Ricardo Jaramillo
Ricardo Jaramillo
05:51 17 Jul 19
they are very patient! No matter how complicated the work is, much less how big the project is, they are there, they fully comply with deadlines, although one tends to worry, after working with them you can be totally calm that you cry we will deliver will be fulfilled and that the product will be perfect! Thanks to all the team!read more
Scott Shoemaker
Scott Shoemaker
14:35 20 Jun 19
Great product! High quality custom booth. We are very happy with the workmanship.They came out right away and measured with good ideas, colors etc. The delivery and installation was on time and professional. Daryl was very helpful in designing our table to accommodate the boothread more
Trent Merritt
Trent Merritt
15:05 12 Mar 19
I bought a single banquette with diamond tufting and it turned out great. I had to start and stop a few times due to a project going on in my house and both sales reps were very accommodating and responsive. It’s a beautiful bench, very well made and I would definitely use Megaseating againread more
George Cole
George Cole
17:22 01 Feb 19
My experience with Mega Seating has been nothing short of excellent. I only had a small order and they treated me like I was their largest customer. You can tell they treat all of their customers with the same great level of customer service. That is rare to find these more
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